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No Matter what type of auction – Farm, Cattle, Automotive or in our case, Real Estate – you’ve most likely experienced the excitement and anticipation of an auction.

We love what we do and are extremely proud of the work that we are able to perform for our clients.  We have experience in all facets of Real Estate auctions including:

  • Residential Property
  • Multi-Family Dwellings
  • Estate Homes
  • Retail Condominium
  • Bare Land
  • Recreational Property

With Realty you can choose what type of auction you would like to have.  We offer Live on location auctions, on-line timed auctions and a combination of Live on-site with internet bidding services to our clients.

For Multi-Parcel Real Estate, we have a system we call “Combo-Nential”.  We are able to both maximize your net end results as a seller and promote the most fair opportunities to a buyer.  This system is a new style of the age-old auction practice of Continental bidding.  Each lot will receive a bid in the first round of the auction sale.  Then instead of a only a 2nd round for the entire package, we will hold multiple rounds allowing all bidders to pick and choose exactly what parcels they are looking for.  We are able to quickly define and show a leader board to whatever combination of Buyer’s preferences will net the Seller the most money.  The sale is concluded when there is no further advancement of the bid amount.

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